Sigma Software develops young talent with summer internship program

Toronto, ON – August 31, 2016 Sigma Software has expanded its summer internship program to provide more opportunities to upcoming students to support Canada’s Post-Secondary CO-OP/Internship Program.

Matthew Mastromarco, an enrolled Commerce student at Queen’s University, joined the team this summer to serve both Sigma Software Solutions and Sigma Loyalty Group. “Working with Sigma Software has been an amazing experience. Throughout my engagement, I was given meaningful work that encompassed different aspects of marketing, from market research to digital marketing. I have learned a lot over the course of my internship and will be able to leverage my experience both in the classroom and in future placements” he explained.

Matthew has developed a variety of skills over his internship with us. “One of the best aspects of my placement was that I was able to delve into specific and technical functions of the business” he eagerly explained, “I had the opportunity to learn search engine optimization (SEO) in order to increase Sigma Software’s visibility, decode web and marketing analytics to gain insight on consumer behavior, and conduct market research to identify business opportunities.

Sigma Software has offered and will continue to provide a platform to students from different universities /colleges and helped them close the gap between real life work and academic studies. By completing the co-op program, students will have a clearer idea about their career plan, areas to improve and essential skills to succeed in the workplace. Interested in joining our co-op program? Contact us at

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Sigma Software Solutions is a leading global provider of innovative BSS/OSS solutions. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Sigma Software has helped organizations manage and monetize their service offerings for better customer experience in four continents. Whether you are wholesale or retail, the industry’s top carrier and/or the high-achiever reseller, our award-winning OmniCare suite of solutions will meet your business needs as well as your customers’ expectations. We pride ourselves as the experts on converged/unified billing, policy and charging, rating, discounting, usage-based billing, customer care, payments solutions, revenue management, M2M/IoT monetization and big data analytics. For more information, please visit

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Founded in 1994, the Sigma Group is a privately held portfolio of companies, with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. With a growing portfolio spanning diverse industries including technology, marketing, real estate, hospitality and financing, we focus on buying or building companies and then growing them into market leaders within their industry niches. A thoughtful investment strategy combined with an entrepreneurial spirit uniquely positions us to quickly respond to new opportunities – whether it is a new investment or acquisition, or an opportunity to invest in the growth of our existing portfolio. Sigma Group has recently acquired the Enhancement Services business unit of Aimia Inc. (TSX: AIM). For more information, please visit