Real-Time, Online Convergent (Multi-Play) Billing

Real-Time Charging and Billing Challenges

Some typical real-time charging challenges with Communications Services Providers (CSPs) are:

  • Dynamic market characterized by super-fast, highly efficient LTE and 4G networks and the ever-increasing adoption and availability of sophisticated devices causing increased churn rates.
  • Capability to apply real-time, multi-service package pricing and cross-service discounts.
  • Capability to generate an accurate bill by taking raw usage and pre-rated data from disparate legacy and next-generation billing systems.
  • Capability to integrate with external CRM systems that enable unified customer care, customer acquisition, and service order entry.
  • Supporting high configurability, personalization, and comprehensive loyalty programs.

This exploding demand for data is challenging CSPs’ ability to monetize data consumption optimally and efficiently. Keeping up, means a new level of intimacy and integration from the network to the business.

Sigma Software’s Real-Time, Online Convergent (Multi-Play) Billing Solution

Sigma Software’s OmniCareTM Real-time, Online Convergent (Multi-Play) Billing solution removes the barriers to delivering the next generation of real-time convergent experiences via a packaged solution of core real-time products and will drive subscriber acquisition, increase revenue and improve profitability.

Sigma Software understands that accurate charging and billing is one of the most critical components of Quality of Experience (QoE) for Communication Services Providers (CSPs). OmniCare ™ enables unified management of any service, any network and any subscriber for CSPs. The solution provides true convergence – a single convergent billing system to handle prepaid traffic, real-time charging, wireless (4G, LTE, VoLTE), cable, broadband, satellite, data, voice, or SMS and various functionalities required for postpaid customers such as complex customer hierarchies, CDR re-rating, volume discounts, flexible reporting, roaming charging and interconnect charging.

With OmniCareTM, CSPs can quickly define ideas, launch, monetize and control new services while delivering maximum value to customers. OmniCareTM is the right convergent solution to drive subscriber acquisition and to create real monetization by increased services to the subscribers.

Our end-to-end convergent billing solution provides multi-play and real-time transaction capabilities and customer usage data to all groups within the service provider organization, enabling the billing, marketing, pricing, customer care, IT and network departments to monetize the value of each subscriber transaction while personalizing and enhancing the subscriber experience.

OmniCareTM Real-time Convergent Billing Solution Use Cases:

  • Support prepaid and postpaid payment methods with any set of business rules and offers cost transparency subscribers need.
  • Enable CSPs, MVNEs and MVNOs to launch new types of services, especially bundled products faster and generate additional revenue with flexibility and scalability.
  • Offer advanced Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) that can accommodate all types of services, resource and product definitions of operators and partner ecosystem.
  • Reduce costs on license, integration and operation by handling real-time multi-play charging through a unified platform.

OmniCareTM Solution Features:

Product Catalog

  • Feature Maintenance provides the ability to define & maintain related pricing for recurring Monthly Plan Fees and One-Time Charges.
  • Rate Plan Maintenance supports the setup & update of Rate schedules to be used for Call Usage charges.
  • Discount Maintenance provides flexible capabilities for defining rules for awarding specific discounts or credits based on qualifying spending, specific usage or specific promotions. Discount rates can be Tiered or Tapered.

Intelligent Rating Engine

  • Service Rating Neutral; usage, call rating, and network elements.
  • Tiered pricing models allow different rates for different service qualities.
  • Self-adjustable rating rules allow support for frequent and/or rapid change of rate plans.

Innovative Bill presentment

  • Support multi-level customer hierarchies to reflect budget centers with corporate invoicing schema.
  • Customize invoice templates with tokens to place accounting information anywhere.
  • Convergent service presentment on invoice capabilities (one-bill).

Customer Self-Care Portal

  • Fully customizable and plug-in driven interface allows you to quickly implement your customer self-care portal.
  • Provide an additional channel for customers to interact with your brand.
  • Secure loyalty and drive new revenue opportunities.

Customer Service Representative Portal

  • Fully customizable and plug-in driven interface.
  • Manage customers from the Customer Care Call Centre.
  • Secure loyalty and drive new revenue opportunities.

Graphic: Customer Service Rep View – Add T1 Service to a subscriber (Browser Based Software)

Sigma Software OmniCare - Customer Service Rep view

Workflow Engine

  • Dynamic attributes allow you to easily store business specific data without the need for OmniCareTM system development.
  • Live Pages allows you to add powerful functionality to the existing OmniCareTM web interface.
  • Turn common IT processes into fully automated workflows represented in easy-to-follow graphical views, modeled after your precise requirements.

Telephone Number Management

  • Provides ability to manage the pool of telephone numbers available from telecom service providers.
  • Ability to generating the number pool using specific numbers/ranges, to load numbers automatically from an external source, and to port-in numbers from other providers.
  • Ability to select a specific number to be assigned to a customer’s service, with the ability to query the number pool, temporarily lock selected telephone numbers for consideration, and then release these telephone numbers back to an available state once a selection is completed.
  • Includes controls to maintain and assign telephone numbers based on specific switch and region.

Resource Monitoring

  • Tracking physical assets.
  • Tracking maintenance expiry dates.

Technical Ticketing System

  • Complete audit trail of support/customer service cases per customer.
  • Time to repair (TTR) and escalation rule capabilities.
  • Online case status viewing available for end customers.

Over-the-Top (OTT) Monetization

Omnicare’s real-time convergent charging solution also support collaboration with Over-the-Top (OTT) providers.

White paper:

OTT & On Demand: changing the face of paid content

Why Us?

  • Sigma Software believes that OmniCareTM can empower customers with real-time consumption and spending insight across any service or payment method. CSPs can now rapidly launch their ideas, create new revenue opportunities and control advanced data services.
  • OmniCareTM can simplify the introduction of new services across pricing, rating and policy logic and drive compelling real-time experiences to customers.
  • Sigma Software has put hundreds of man-years into the solution and is constantly spending on R&D to be in-line with the industries requirement of monetizing upcoming services.
  • We have implemented our solution in 4 continents and we understand the complexities of dealing with geographies.

OmniCareTM Real-time Convergent Billing Solution Benefits

  • Provides diversification, through adding new products and services for monetizing in a real-time online charging system.
  • Converged billing, capable of assimilating a variety of services into a single bill concept to the subscriber.
  • Supports Wireless, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, LTE, VoLTE or other wireless services.
  • Provides control on revenue leakages and optimize your total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Increases ARPU through hybrid payment services (prepaid, post-paid, pay now).
  • Increases customers with hybrid accounts such as family and corporate with mixed prepaid and post-paid services.
  • Supports collaboration with Over-the-Top providers & OTT partnerships.
  • Supports multi-tenant functionality. Completely scalable to support your growth at your rate.
  • Reduces churn rate.
  • Allows for dynamic discounting and cross product discounting.
  • Single number range for prepaid and post-paid.