MVNO / Reseller Convergent Billing in-a-box

SigmaSoftware’s MVNO Convergent Billing in-a-Box  solution is a comprehensive end-to-end solution designed for MVNOs looking for a quick and easy launch. It is designed to provide a single unified solution to meet all of the functionalities that an MVNO would need to run a successful business.

MVNO challenges

  • MVNOs compete in an over-saturated market as such an MVNO must carefully choose and exploit a profitable niche with a viable, flexible and scalable business model.
  • To be successful, an MVNO must bring real value by designing appropriate offers and service bundles to their customers. Aggressive time to market is critical.
  • An MVNO must control and reduce costs, especially operating costs to be profitable.
  • MVNOs need the ability to evaluate, select suitable partners and manage a broad range of relationships and alliances.

In some countries, MVNOs are strictly regulated. In those regulated environments, large telecom operators generally encourage resellers to re-brand the services and reach their own loyal customers or serve operators to reach the “last-mile”. The resellers typically rely on the operator to provide billing and customer-care services. SigmaSoftware’s MVNO in-a-Box Convergent Billing solution works for both with operators and resellers and provides an easy and rapid setup of an end-to-end solution to manage their customer onboarding/management, billing / rating / charging, payment and self-care.

Key functionalities of SigmaSoftware’s MVNO / Reseller Convergent Billing in-a-Box Solution

  • Each MVNO / Reseller will maintain (create, modify, de-commission) their own set of products/features, rate plans and discounts. This applies to other billing-related information: adjustment codes, task scheduling, bill cycles.
  • Each MVNO / Reseller manages their own pricing and rates, which does not interfere with their wholesale provider.
  • Resellers enter their own customers and their services with features.
  • Back-end process picks up all new customers/services/features of modified services/features and passes this information to the wholesale schema for provisioning.
  • Back-end rating and billing processes are run for each reseller schema separately, as defined by their bill cycles and task scheduling.
  • Each MVNO / Reseller end subscribers have access to their white-labeled self-care portal.

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