Sigma Software’s solutions allow a large B2B CLEC to improve customer experience in U.S.

Sigma Software Client Visit

Toronto, ON – Sigma Software, the leading innovative BSS/OSS solution provider, welcomed one of its long-time customers, a large Business-to-Business (B2B) CLEC that offers various telecommunications and data services, such as Plain old telephone service, Voice over IP (VoIP), IP PBX, wireless and others.

The customer has implemented Sigma Software’s OmniCare™ Wholesale Billing solution to handle a high volume of complex customer billing data. The solution helps them with multi-tenancy, hierarchies, complex discounting and flexible printing. The suite of flexible solutions, has allowed the CLEC to confidently charge different types of customers and services with the highest accuracy over the years.

With the rapid growth and expansion of the business, the customer required a solution that helps them deliver innovative new product/service at a lower cost and in less time. Sigma Software’s Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) solution is designed to meet the requirements and ensures the accuracy of the product catalogs and significantly reduces time to market. It allows the customer to create sophisticated offers such as cross vertical bundles, promotions and contracts and provide better Quality of Service (QoS) to their customers.

In the 3 days onsite visit, the customer shared their challenges of making decisions on the offline/historical data, often times the data accuracy was not guaranteed. Sigma Software showcased its Observe Big Data Analytics platform that is built by telecom experts for CSPs and MVNOs. The platform uses Hadoop and other open-source tools and collects real-time structured and unstructured data to help clients make decisions in real time as well as provide better planning and optimization of services and networks based on Big Data trends and predictive analysis.

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